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Mothman Bundle

Feb 23, 2024 | product |

Are you fascinated by the mysterious and enigmatic legend of the Mothman? Dive deep into the realm of the supernatural with our exclusive Mothman Bundle, now available on MajaNation! Explore the mystique, embrace the intrigue, and uncover the secrets of this iconic creature with our carefully curated collection.

Over the years I’ve created several mothman creations.  One of my most popular FriteLites is the Mothman, so I decided to package it with my Mothman enamel pin, then I created 2 stickers… you guessed it with Mothman.  One sticker is a holo-sticker and the other is glitter. To round out the package I have the Mothgirl, a character from my graphic novel, “Who’s Knot Hare?” as a mini figure.


Sold alone these products would normally retail for $60

$35 Mothman FriteLItes
$15 Mothman Enamel Pin
$5  Mothman mini sculpture
$5  Mothman x2 stickers.  1 holo sticker, 1 glitter

But as a bundle, they are currently only $40.  This is a limited-time offer.

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